My little herbal palace on excellent soil and my own micro-factory

Brændesmark Urtegaard is situated on a ridge overlooking the Baltic Sea and Christiansø Island. Plants like hyssop, lavender, great mullein, mint, angelica, calendula and sage are cultivated in the fertile soil of eastern Bornholm.

The plants in my oblong flower beds can be harvested several times a year. The land has been certified biodynamic since 1978, and it has been certified organic since 1992, by the Danish Ministry of Food.

The garden is surrounded by wild roses, birch, mountain ash and cherry plums, which provide a habitat for abundant birdlife. The medicinal plants are dried immediately after harvesting and their ingredients are extracted in distilled water or oils. Brændesmark Urtegaard has its own laboratory where the beauty products are mixed, stirred and tapped into glass jars and bottles.

Small batches are produced; the type of craft practised at apothecaries and beauty clinics up until only a few years ago.

Fine wines are characterised by being cultivated, produced and bottled at the same location. Therefore, Brændesmark Urtegaard can rightfully claim to be a “herbal chateau”. The plants are gathered in baskets and carefully dried in wooden trays, and the ingredients extracted in enamelled pots and clay jars. A stirring machine is the most high-tech aid I use.

As my production batches are limited, I do not need – nor can I afford – expensive advertising campaigns. I often get new customers by word of mouth, i.e. when my products are recommended by other satisfied customers. Personal contact with long-standing users is more valuable than commercial market research.

This thoroughly positive response intensifies my commitment and courage to continue converting Nature’s bounty into genuine skincare products.



Organically home-grown medicinal plants are processed into rejuvenating nourishment for your skin at Brændesmark Urtegaard’s micro-factory.

Information about genuine skincare products made without chemicals, animal experiments or costly advertising.