Horticulture and handicrafts.

My series of skin care products have become after the original principles for preparation of creams, ointments, balms and oils.

Just as in medieval herbal farms nurtured and harvested plants with biodynamic care.

The manufacturing of creams, ointments and oils is carried out at the place of production by hand on the basis of 20 years of experience. Medicinal plants and before-steklasses oils go up into a higher unity, which hardly can be achieved through industrial processes.

Bio grown medicinal plants from Brændesmark splendid flower-garden and wild herbs are the basis of Bornholm from Løvegals natural skin care.

Genuine skin care products without chemistry, without animal testing and without expensive advertising.

The Garden

Brændesmark splendid flower-garden is situated on a ridge overlooking the Baltic Sea and Christiansø. In the obese østbornholmske mulch reared among others, hyssop, lavender, flax, mint, Angelica, marigold and Sage.

The plants in the elongated ask can be harvested several times a year. The Earth is grown biodynamic since 1978 and approved as organic in 1992 of the Directorate under the food Ministry Structure.

The garden is surrounded by Wild Roses, birch, Rowan and Mirabelle, which provides a rich bird life.


Medicinal plants are dried immediately after harvest and extracted in distilled water or oils. Herbal farm has its own laboratory where the skønhedesprodukterne mix, stir and collected on glass jars and bottles.

Production takes place in small series and is the kind of craft, which until a few years ago was carried out at pharmacies and beauty salons.

Harvesting, drying, extraction of water and oil as well as the collection.